Roof racks and load carriers

WARNING: When loading the roof rail crossbars, it is recommended to evenly distribute the load, as well as maintain a low center of gravity. Loaded vehicles, with higher centers of gravity, may handle differently than unloaded vehicles. Extra precautions, such as slower speeds and increased stopping distance, should be taken when driving a heavily loaded vehicle.

Note: The maximum recommended load is 100 pounds (45 kilograms), evenly distributed on the crossbars.

Note: Loads should never be placed directly on the roof panel. The roof panel is not designed to directly carry a load.

For proper function of the roof rack system, loads must be placed directly on crossbars affixed to the roof rack side rails. Your vehicle may be equipped with factory-installed crossbars. Ford Genuine Accessory crossbars, designed specifically for your vehicle, are also recommended for use with your roof rack system.

Make sure that the load is securely fastened. Check the tightness of the load before driving and at each fuel stop.

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