Anti-theft alarm

The system will warn you of unauthorized entry to your vehicle.

The turn signal lamps will flash and sound the horn up to a total of 10 times when:

• any door, the hood or the luggage compartment is opened without using the keypad, the remote control or the intelligent access transmitter (if equipped)
• the ignition is turned on with an invalid key.

Take all keys and remote controls to your authorized dealer if there is any potential alarm problem with your vehicle.

Arming the Alarm

The system is ready to arm whenever the ignition is off. Lock the vehicle to arm the alarm.

The turn signal lamps will flash once after locking the vehicle to indicate the alarm is in the pre-armed mode and will become fully armed in 20 seconds.

Once fully armed, any intelligent access keys (if equipped) found inside the vehicle may be disabled and will not start the engine. Press the remote control unlock button to re-enable them.

Disarming the Alarm

To disarm the alarm, do any of the following:

• Press the power door unlock button within the 20-second pre-armed mode.
• Press the unlock button on the remote control.
• Unlock the doors with the keyless entry pad.
• Enter the vehicle using intelligent access (if equipped).
• Turn the ignition on with a valid key (if equipped with an integrated keyhead transmitter only).
• Press the panic button on the remote control. The alarm system will still be armed, but this shuts off the horn and turn lamps when the alarm is sounding.

Note: If the driver’s door is unlocked with a key, a chime will sound when you open the door and a message will appear in the information display. You will have 12 seconds to disarm the alarm using any of the actions above, otherwise the alarm will trigger.

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