Cleaning products

For best results, use the following products or products of equivalent quality:

Motorcraft® Bug and Tar Remover (ZC-42)
Motorcraft® Custom Bright Metal Cleaner (ZC-15)
Motorcraft® Detail Wash (ZC-3-A)
Motorcraft® Dusting Cloth (ZC-24)
Motorcraft® Engine Shampoo and Degreaser (U.S. only) (ZC-20)
Motorcraft® Engine Shampoo (Canada only) (CXC-66-A)
Motorcraft® Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Canada only) (CXC-101)
Motorcraft® Premium Glass Cleaner (Canada only) (CXC-100)
Motorcraft® Premium Quality Windshield Washer Fluid (Canada only) [CXC-37-(A, B, D or F)]
Motorcraft® Premium Windshield Washer Concentrate (U.S. only) (ZC-32-A)
Motorcraft® Professional Strength Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (ZC-54)
Motorcraft® Spot and Stain Remover (U.S. only) (ZC-14)
Motorcraft® Ultra-Clear Spray Glass Cleaner (ZC-23)
Motorcraft® Vinyl Cleaner (Canada only) (CXC-93)
Motorcraft® Wheel and Tire Cleaner (ZC-37-A)

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