Use the information display to create a MyKey.

1. Insert the key you want to program into the ignition. With a push-button start (if equipped), put the Intelligent Access key in the backup slot; see the Starting and Stopping the Engine chapter for the backup slot location

2. Turn the ignition on.
3. From the main menu within the information display, press OK or the> button to navigate through the various screens. Select Settings and then MyKey.
4. Press OK or the> to select Create.
5. When prompted, hold the OK button until you see a message informing you to label this key as a MyKey. The key will be restricted at your vehicle’s next start.

After the key is successfully programmed, make sure you label it so you can distinguish it from the admin keys.

You can also program optional settings for the key(s). Refer to Programming/Changing Optional Settings.

Programming/Changing Optional Settings

Note: All programmed keys can be cleared within the same key cycle in which a key was programmed, otherwise an admin key is required to clear the keys. To clear all keys, refer to Clearing all MyKeys.

You can access the optional settings through the information display control.

1. Turn the ignition on using an admin key.
2. Access the main menu and select Settings, then MyKey.
3. Use the arrow buttons to get to an optional feature.
4. Press OK or > to scroll through settings.
5. Press OK or > to make a selection.

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