Special notices

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

For a detailed description of what is covered and what is not covered by your vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty, see the warranty information that is provided to you along with your owner’s manual.

Special Instructions

For your added safety, your vehicle is fitted with sophisticated electronic controls.

WARNING: Please read the Supplementary Restraints System chapter. Failure to follow the specific warnings and instructions could result in personal injury.

WARNING: Front seat mounted rear-facing child or infant seats should NEVER be placed in front of an active passenger airbag.

Notice to owners of pickup trucks and utility type vehicles

WARNING: Utility vehicles have a significantly higher rollover rate than other types of vehicles.

Before you drive your vehicle, please read this Owner’s Manual carefully.

Your vehicle is not a passenger car. As with other vehicles of this type, failure to operate your vehicle correctly may result in loss of vehicle control, vehicle rollover, personal injury or death.

Using your vehicle with a snowplow

Do not use this vehicle for snowplowing.

Your vehicle is not equipped with a snowplowing package.

Using your vehicle as an ambulance

Do not use this vehicle as an ambulance.

Your vehicle is not equipped with the Ford Ambulance Preparation Package.

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