Trip computer

Resetting the trip computer

Press and hold OK on the current screen to reset the respective trip, distance, time and fuel information.

Trip Odometer

Registers the distance of individual journeys.

Distance to E

Indicates the approximate distance the vehicle will travel on the fuel remaining in the tank. Changes in driving pattern may cause the value to vary.

Inst. Fuel Econ

Shows instantaneous fuel usage.

Average fuel

Indicates the average fuel consumption since the function was last reset.

Fuel Used

Shows the amount of fuel used for a given trip.

Total Odometer

Registers the total mileage of the vehicle.

Compass (non MyFord/MyLincoln Touch units only)

Displays the vehicle’s heading direction.

To calibrate the compass: Enter the compass menu and select Calibrate.

Follow the prompts.

To set the compass zone: Enter the compass menu and select Set. Follow the prompts. See the diagram below to determine your magnetic zone.

Determine which magnetic zone you are in for your geographic location by referring

Determine which magnetic zone you are in for your geographic location by referring to the zone map.

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