Using snow chains

WARNING: Snow tires must be the same size, load index and speed rating as those originally provided by Ford. Use of any tire or wheel not recommended by Ford can affect the safety and performance of your vehicle, which could result in an increased risk of loss of vehicle control, vehicle rollover, personal injury and death.

Additionally, the use of non-recommended tires and wheels could cause steering, suspension, axle, transfer case or power transfer unit failure.

Note: The suspension insulation and bumpers will help prevent vehicle damage. Do not remove these components from your vehicle when using snow tires and chains.

The tires on your vehicle have all-weather treads to provide traction in rain and snow. However, in some climates, you may need to use snow tires and chains. If you need to use chains, it is recommended that cable chains are used only with steel wheels (of the same size and specifications) as chains may chip aluminum wheels.

Follow these guidelines when using snow tires and cable chains:

• If possible, avoid fully loading your vehicle.
• Install cable chains only on the front wheels.
• Use cable chains only on vehicles equipped with either P245/65R17 tires or P245/60R18 tires.
• Do not use tire chains, cables or optional traction devices on vehicles equipped with P255/50R20 tires.
• Drive cautiously. If you hear the cable chains rub or bang against your vehicle, stop and retighten the cable chains. If this does not work, remove the cable chains to prevent damage to your vehicle.
• Remove the tire cable chains when they are no longer needed. Do not use tire cable chains on dry roads.

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